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Mastering Twitter can be an interesting concept for many industries, so I have jotted down some key points to think about when adopting Twitter as part of your Social Media strategy. Maximising your reach and understanding the purpose of twitter can help get you on track to tweeting successfully.

Twitter like all social mediums should be looked at from a thought leadership point-of-view. You should use Twitter to help broaden your community reach and share your knowledge as a community member. Most of us have worked, lived and breathed the areas we operate in or frequent a lot. When it comes to your business look local and think much broader than following politicians, news and other global entities. When it comes to small to medium business try and reach out to your community more and adopt and follow people, brands and businesses that are very much a part of your daily life of where you live and work. You would be surprised how much of your business will in fact come from 2 degrees of separation as technology brings us closer and closer each day.

Use your knowledge of the area to share and comment online and people will inevitably be drawn to your tweeting actions. Just posting generic content isn’t enough to capture nor captivate your audience – it is the insider knowledge of your area that people living and working there care about. So get amongst it and get involved more!

Here are just a few points to think about.

1. Personality is crucial – it is more important to get individual flair across rather than remaining a “faceless” corporation

2. Create a list of key people in your industry to follow

3. Try using popular #hashtags to increase the number of followers

4. Talk to people directly using their Twitter handles to increase followers

5. Make sure your autosignature has a link to Twitter

6. Write a letter to your clients to proactively announce that you are on Twitter and they may follow you if they are also tweeting

7. While your ultimate aim should be to have more followers than you follow, make an effort to follow relevant people to your community/business and you should be followed back

8. Ask questions when tweeting to encourage engagement

9. Use pictures to bring local news to life

10. Spend around 10 minutes each morning on Twitter (as a rule of thumb)

11. Make sure your Twitter account is linked with your LinkedIn and Facebook account

12. Where possible, try to include links back to your website

13. Do an area search to find who is active on Twitter in your area and make sure you follow and learn from them

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