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We all heard this change was on its way, and if you didn’t, and are just finding out now… well it is here.

If you ask most businesses, people and even celebrity instagrammers no one is particularly a fan of the algorithmic change to our news feeds. So let’s break this down in layman’s terms. As beings of an innovative world everything around us seems to change more often than we would like, and whilst we wanted to keep the iPhone 4, we are now fast approaching number 7. Let’s face it, we all loved the old Facebook news feed, and then this has changed as many times as the PlayStation.  The one constant in the social world is change, so embrace change and work with it not against it.

Instagram Algorithm News Feed Update

What has changed?

The Instagram news feed is now algorithmic — just like Facebook.

What does this mean?

This means that when you log into Instagram next you won’t be seeing content from your favourite Instagrammer in a chronological order anymore, instead it will be shown to you based on what Instagram thinks you want to see.

What content will I see exactly?

According to Instagram, the algorithm is designed to filter the content you see based on what you interact with more. So if you liked, shared, commented or stopped in your tracks to click on something in your news feed in the past then this has now been determined as a topic of interest and your future algorithmic association.

If you are an avid Facebook user then you would understand this change all too well, as it is following the exact same algorithm.

Instagram Algorithm News Feed Update

Why would Instagram change something that was working?

Well, with over 400m users gramming all day long there is far too much content on there to be shown to everyone in once massive news feed. It is the social recession that had to happen.

Like Facebook your organic reach will now fall considerably. The crux of it… Instagram started out as a non-for-profit business designed to make sharing images and videos seamless across social networks, ‘oh’ with the added benefit of adding filters! But like all good things, someone has to fund the servers and the engine room to keep things stable and evolving. If you’re in business and reading this article you would know all too well that you don’t go into business to not make money, so an inescapable adjustment was in order.

And as a business if you want continued engagement with your posts you will need to start advertising through Instagram to keep everything alive and working for your brand.

If you would like some more ideas on how-to use Instagram as a tool to grow your business then read this great article from Wishpond. It’s a very informative way to help you prepare for the changes and continue to use Instagram successfully to work for and in your business

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