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Social Media platforms are competing more than ever. With new updates rolling out every week, these spaces are increasingly adding new functions to their apps to stay competitive.

The latest is Facebook revealing they will be adding their own version of animated lenses, like Snapchat does with their filters. Let’s have a look at what this is all about.

What to expect

Facebook will add this feature to their live streaming service and it is dubbed ‘Masks’. Availability will be via the Facebook app and the Mentions app for verified users. It will allow you add animated overlays to your live videos.

Comparing it to Snapchat

Similarly to Snapchat, you’ll see masks being changed periodically, as well as specific themes in line with calendar events. The first set will be all about Halloween.

Why did Facebook do it?

Facebook is trying to add more elements of ‘fun’ to the platform. This is an objective from the social media giant, who is aiming to increase sharing across the platform and boost interest in Facebook live.

Continuing to engage users and encourage them to share is an ongoing focus for all social media platforms. Expect to see more of these types of ‘fun’ elements being brought to Facebook, as the company adds more and more interactive features.

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