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Facebook Messenger begins testing ads

With over 1 billion users, there’s no wonder Facebook is exploring ways to enhance Messenger for businesses. First steps – integrate ads.

Testing integrating ads have commenced on Messenger’s user interface. Mark Zuckerberg’s crew says it will launch what it characterises as a “very small test” in Australia and Thailand, which will allow businesses to place an ad on the Messenger home screen.

How they appear

It’s fair to say these ads will stand-out, with a prominent card-style, which includes image thumbnails aligned with text and a link. They will appear below your recent conversations.

The link can direct the audience to implement different actions, like clicking to learn more about the business or signing up for a service. This is similar to how Facebook Pages for businesses today can direct users to take a specific action, like shopping their site, or starting a chat.

It’s promising to see Facebook are aligning these functionalities to ensure users are familiar with its use, resulting in strong uptake of this new feature.

Yet another space for businesses to play in

Facebook for Business has made some vast improvements in the past few years, which see’s them craving more-and-more functionalities. The more ways a brand can advertise, the more it can reach its key demographics.

“Businesses have long been telling us that they are very excited about the potential of the Messenger platform to reach their customers and help them to drive sales, build brand awareness and increase customer satisfaction,” tells Facebook Product Manager Eddie Zhang.

Customer service VS Advertisement

It’s become increasingly popular for customers to reach out to businesses via Messenger because it’s a more efficient ways of asking questions and gaining quick responses compared to calling the business or shooting them an email.

Although that doesn’t mean that they want to be inundated with more ads, which could deter users from using Messenger as a customer service tool.

Like all Facebook tests, this is not set is stone. They will need to determine its worth based on user interaction statistics. Stay tuned!

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Make it Easy to get in Touch With Your Business

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