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Facebook 360 has launched – Facebook’s first Virtual Reality Tool

Virtual Reality (VR) was tipped as social media’s biggest trend in 2017 and experts couldn’t be more spot on. Facebook has launched its first ever VR app, Facebook 360. More and more VR games and apps have crept up since the beginning of the year, so here’s the down-low on Facebook’s investment into the experience

Facebook 360 Explained

This VR based app will serve as a central location to host video and photo content that’s pushed live on the site. Although it’s not very highly profile, Facebook states that there has been more than one million 360 videos posted on the site, but users a missing them due to there not being a service that specifically collates content.

At launch, it will be available only for Gear VR mobile headset users, with more developments to come.

The Functionality

Facebook 360 will include four main “feeds.” The most exciting and explorational one is the “Explore” tab, which will open the audience’s eyes to an array of content, with collating the most viewed and popular 360 photos and videos – both from media companies and creators. You’ll also have a standard “Following” tab, which connects you with friend’s content.

“Saved” allows you to revisit a previous experience or tap into posts you’ve recently viewed, so you can see them in a truly immersive manner. Lastly, there’s of course a “Timeline”, which lets you view and host your own images and videos.

Trying It Out

Experts have warned social media savvy consumers to make sure they give it a shot. Some have labelled Facebook 360 with not being user-friendly and too confronting, but the authorities are encouraging audiences to give in a go, because once tried, there’s no turning back.

Users are therefore encouraged to create their own content, to see how the app best works.

It will be interesting to see how consumers, tech-lovers and content creators utilise this platform. 2017 has started with a big VR bang, and we expect to see more of these sorts of developments. Get ready to be immersed!


For more information on how Facebook 360 works, follow the steps here:

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