How to use Instagram for business
March 20, 2017

How to use Instagram for Business

Well it’s definitely safe to say that if Instagram was a show on Netflix it would be ‘colourful is the new black’, and become the most popular show on the…
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August 16, 2017

18 Apps That Will Help You Run Your Business Effectively

The other day I attended an innovation conference. What became clear is so many people love discovering new apps / websites they can use in their own businesses. When some…
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July 20, 2017

7 Simple Techniques to Make you Super Productive Each Day

Does this sound familiar? You are at work, have finished your coffee and are rewriting your to-do list for the day. Problem is, it seems bigger than the day before. Whether you are a…
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Increasing your Facebook Like's
June 8, 2017

How To Get More Facebook Page “Likes” Organically

Facebook offers socially savvy real estate agents a brilliant way to connect with the community they operate in as well potential buyers and renters. People connect with your office based…
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June 1, 2017

Top tips for Tweeting

Mastering Twitter can be an interesting concept for many industries, so I have jotted down some key points to think about when adopting Twitter as part of your Social Media…
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Live Tweeting Blog Image
May 25, 2017

5 Top Tips for Live Tweeting

Tips for driving strong social media conversation around an event                                        …
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May 18, 2017

4 top tips for finding the right social influencers

4 top tips for finding the right Influencer or blogger for your brand! Organic, creative and amazing content - brands crave it, we love it, and your brand needs it to…
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May 10, 2017

Top 10 Social Influencers in the Lifestyle Space

The influencer space has become fiercely competitive. Who wouldn’t want to be sent beautiful gifts, attend lavish parties or be sent on an extravagant holiday? It’s not hard to see…
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April 27, 2017

4 tips for creating a strong brand essence on Instagram

4 tips for creating a strong brand essence on Instagram. "A picture tells 1000 words. Four tips for creating a strong brand essence on Instagram" There is an abundance of…
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April 11, 2017

Facebook 360

Facebook 360 has launched – Facebook’s first Virtual Reality Tool Virtual Reality (VR) was tipped as social media’s biggest trend in 2017 and experts couldn’t be more spot on. Facebook…
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