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Search brands, people, businesses and hashtags across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. A powerful tool to find social influencers worth discovering.


It’s time to get personal. Follow 100’s of socially apt profiles, & curate their content into an easy to use social news feed. All the best social bits in one place.


Share directly from your news feed, compose a new message, and schedule your posts seamlessly across your social channels. Create your own social buzz!

Social Eazie Search and Follow Social Profiles

Seamlessly search for brands, businesses and interests across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Social Eazie - the easiest way to manage your social media
Follow social profiles across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Follow all of your favorite brands, people, businesses and interests in your news feed, and you’ll never experience FOMO again!

Search and Discover Social Content
Search and Discover Social Content
Publish to Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Instagram

Compose and publish messages to your fans and followers with eaze across Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and Pinterest!

P.s. you can even independently edit the message per profile!

Publish and Schedule Social Content
Publish and Schedule Social Content
Schedule Icon

Seamlessly schedule all of your messages and content daily, weekly, or even monthly!

Schedule messages mail icon
Schedule messages mail icon
Schedule your posts with ease through social eazie
Schedule your posts with ease through social eazie
Social Eazie Crunch - Analytics

‘Like’s, comments, shares, and reach – Start crunching your social numbers!

Social Eazie Crunch-Analytics Icon
Social Eazie Crunch-Analytics Icon
Analyze your social media through Social Eazie
Analyze your social media through Social Eazie

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We don’t blame you… the toggle is a pretty cool invention.

Here’s a fun fact while you get your toggle on!

91% of mobile internet access is for social activities with 73% of smartphone owners
accessing social networks through apps at least once per day.

And one in colour

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the ‘selfie’

Would you believe that the first ever 'selfie' was actually not taken by a Kardashian, nor was it owned by Kanye...
in fact a little unknown chemist from Philadelphia named Robert Cornelius who dabbled
in photography as an amateur enthusiast takes the gong way back in 1839!

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